In search of truth, connection, consciousness and balance I have been exploring different paths of wellness, spirituality and enquiry for many years. The discovery of Kundalini yoga initiated a deep transformational journey within me. The practice has given me tools to connect to my inner guidance, to bring balance to my daily life, to explore the mind, my shadows, to transform and grow. I feel it has the capacity to release blocks that are holding us back from manifesting our best selves, to connect us to our true nature, to expand our awareness/consciousness/wisdom, to elevate and bring deep lasting joy into our lives.

Having studied under the guidance of Har Nal Kaur and Amrit Nam Sarovar, I am a KRI certified Level I & II Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher.

I love to share this beautiful and powerful practice with others, to help people to empower themselves. This is why I began to teach.